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Old Town Area Information

Throughout the Old Town neighborhood, there is a diverse mixture of Victorian-era buildings, along with an eclectic mix of pre modern architectural styles. Many townhouses, condos and single-family homes provide a good mixture for those looking to live in the popular Near Northside area..

And while Old Town includes a number of single-family homes, it's most known for the wide selection of low-maintenance condos and residential walk-up options. Residents love the area for its extreme accessibility with popular neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast nearby.

Real Estate in Old Town

Located on the North Side of Chicago, it is not only known as a revered historic district, but Old Town also features a long legacy of Victorian-era buildings. Seven of the most famous buildings in this area which survived the Great Chicago Fire include well known St. Michael's Church.

This once artsy neighborhood has become a more affluent and developed area, while keeping its rustic charm of the past. It's quite sought after for patrons as the location is close to the lake and the downtown parts. Known for its brick alleyways, tree-lined streets and storied architecture, Old Town is a charming place to call home.

While knowing our history certainly gives us a sense of where we came from, Old Town does a great job of capturing its historic roots through a modern lense. A number of great restaurants and a lively nightlife options lead the way as top reasons for visiting the desired location.

Living in Old Town, Chicago

Old Town to many is known for its history, but for locals and comedy enthusiasts the area is also known for its live entertainment. The area is home to Second City, which is one of the most legendary comedy clubs in the country. It was the place where both Tina Fey and Bill Murray launched their careers.

Along with the comedy club, plenty of great restaurants are found all throughout the area with many located on Wells Street. In addition, this area is home to many luxury clothing shops and plenty of nightlife.

Along with St. Michael's Church, one of seven churches to survive the Great Chicago Fire, Old Town is home to the Black Orchid Supper Club. This is a movie theater and restaurant, which is well-known and draws both locals and tourists every single night.

Things to do in Old Town

The relaxing vibes of the neighborhood are headlined with venues such as the aforementioned Second City  and Zanies Comedy Club. The theater scene is very popular here and shopping can be found all throughout. Many unique boutiques and specialty shops are found in Old Town, as well.

The neighborhood is known for the array family-owned restaurants, with plenty of cuisines to choose from. Everything from pizza to sushi can be found within the neighborhood. The location never skips a beat with plenty of great new bars to join the seasoned taverns within the area.

In addition, Old Town is home to the annual Old Town Art Fair, which provides works from more than 250 artists. It's also home to Pipers Alley, which provides plenty of great attractions to enjoy.

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Real Estate

Old Town Homes for Sale

Single-family homes found in Old Town tend to go for more than $1 million. Many of the homes are historic wit and many are rather large. There are some more moderately priced homes found within the area, as well. The western area of the community underwent a large redevelopment, which helped to bring more affordable homes to the area.


Old Town Condos & Townhomes

With most of the real estate in Old Town consisting of condos and townhomes, it's not hard to find a great choice throughout. Some will provide vintage courtyard buildings, while others are newer mid-rises and high-rises with plenty of amenities. There's a wide range of condo and townhome options found throughout and most are very close to popular bars, restaurants and cafes.

While Old Town doesn't provide any iconic buildings, there are several very desirable condo options throughout.

Some of the best include:

  • 1212 N. Wells
  • 1426 N. Orleans
  • 1636 N. Wells
  • 1416 N. North Park
  • 230 W. Division

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