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Our Services For Landlords & Investors

A Leading Provider of Real Estate Investment & Leasing Services in Downtown Chicago

Real estate investment done right pays big rewards. When you’re investing in a real estate market as vast as Chicago, there are many tough decisions to consider.


 Where should I buy?
 What are the trendiest areas to invest in?
 How do I go about renting out my property once I’ve bought it?


These are just some of the questions you need answers to before investing in Chicago real estate.


 CRG is here to help you with every aspect of investing and leasing.


We help you not only with acquiring a profitable, income-generating asset but also with securing the best tenants in no time!


We have over 25 years of combined experience in Chicago real estate, qualifying us as experts in our field. We can guide you through the real estate investment process, which can be tricky if undertaken without prior experience or expertise.


Apart from that, we provide a wide range of services for landlords in securing the right tenants for their property.


If you want to invest successfully, you need to understand the latest real estate trends and research which area of Chicago will yield the maximum ROI on your investment. Our agents will help you secure the highest possible ROI on your investment.


They will also help you put up your property for rent and secure the best tenants for occupancy, thereby allowing you to maximize your profit.


Get in touch with us to avail first-rate investment and rental services!


 Choose CRG and enjoy the full range of our services for investors and landlords!

Our Services For Landlords & Investors

Here’s how CRG can help you secure qualified tenants fast!

Free Market Analysis

Getting your rental property valued is an important step in the leasing process.

Our realtors provide you with a free, in-depth market analysis to help set the right market value for your property.

This will help you set the right price when renting out the property.

So connect with us today and get your property valued for FREE!!


Advertising & Marketing

We take care of every aspect of marketing and promoting your property.

We advertise regularly on high-profile real estate websites and publications in Chicago.

Along with high-resolution photography taken for every listing we market, we have a team of smart and savvy marketers who know exactly where, when and how to market your property to get the best results.



Once your property is on the rental market, you’ll start getting requests for showings from prospective renters.

Our realtors will arrange and conduct showings on your behalf.


Background Checks

We conduct thorough background checks on all potential tenants.

We verify their employment history, check landlord references, and assess their credit reports.

We understand how important it is for you to secure the right tenant, and we promise to make that happen!


Lease Agreements

We prepare the lease agreement on your behalf and finalize all necessary details so that your property is ready for tenancy.

We also collect the security deposit and the first month’s rent so that there is zero hassle on your part.

Schedule a meeting with us and let us help strengthen your real estate portfolio!

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