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Our Services For Relocation

Chicago Bound?
Sounds good, we got you covered!

Thinking of relocating to Chicago? We know how taxing it can be on your nerves. There are a million questions to answer, and a million decisions to make...


How do I know which area is the best for me? Is the neighborhood affordable? Will it give me a "home-like" feeling? Will I be happy? Is it a smart move?


No need to worry, we are your Chicago neighborhood experts, and we make it our sole responsibility to look after your best interests. We will help you streamline your brave new move to the Windy City!


Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you knew how an apartment looked and how much it cost before visiting? 


Schedule a meeting with one of our relocation consultants, and let us help you sort out your upcoming move! We make the process entirely transparent through our unique 3D Virtual Tours and Live Pricing.


Not only does this give you a complete, thorough run-down on the property, it also allows you to virtually visit the property at your leisure. Allowing for the best visual image possible, without having to physically step foot inside.



Relocation Resources:


Our Services For Relocation

Watch how we were able to help Dan & Cindy with their move from the West Coast.

No matter where you may be relocating from, Chicago Residential Group is here to assist you every step of the way.

The Relocation Process: From Start-to-Finish

Quick Response

Our team has vast experience in Chicago real estate, and we understand time is of the essence.

Whether you prefer to call, email, text, or fill out a contact form, one of our relocation experts will get in touch with you right away to discuss what you’re interested in discussing regarding your new move to Chicago.



A live consultation allows us to get a thorough view of your needs.

Whether you are aiming for high rise living in new construction, or a brownstone on a tree-lined street, or maybe you don’t know yet.

Either way, our team is wonderful in understanding your needs and helping you focus on the perfect destination for you!


Area Insight & Focus

Based on your needs and wants, we narrow down the areas that will serve you best regarding budget, amenities, commute and overall comfort.


3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual tours allow you to visit the property beforehand—we help you make an informed choice by providing you with a complete picture.



Live pricing and 3D tours allow for transparency.

You know exactly what you are selecting and why.

Get in contact with a Chicago Residential Group agent today and let us help you get an understanding of what Chicago has in store for you!

It is our intention to make the process of relocating as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Not only are we high-level experts in what it takes to relocate to Chicago, but we hope to be your new friends too!

Let’s talk soon ;)

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