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An area that at one point in time was littered with factories, warehouses, and wholesale markets has now become one of the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago. The West Loop has changed so much over the past decade, while still holding onto some the charm of the past. It has seen new restaurants and shops come in, along with plenty of new residential buildings.

The West Loop has gone from a place of the industrial revolution, to a thriving residential and flourishing place for shopping, dining, relaxing and hitting the town. It's filled with things to do and some of the most unique restaurants in all of Chicago, especially famed Restaurant Row.

Real Estate in West Loop

The West Loop went from zero to 100 very quickly, and has exploded as one of the most popular neighborhoods in Chicago. Many of the old industrial buildings and warehouses have been converted into residential lofts, office spaces, and even retail options.

With a close location near The Loop & River North, it has grown fast and has turned into a very trendy neighborhood. It can be more affordable than some of the neighborhoods closer to the Chicago River & Lake Michigan, and offers a bit more of a trendy vibe. Many new construction mid-rise condo buildings are found throughout the neighborhood, alongside many recent rehab projects. The raw space of the rustic lofts in the area have allowed designers to use exposed brick and timber in their motif, making for some unique and beautiful living options.

Living in West Loop

Filled with chic boutiques, art galleries, designer stores, antique shopping options and plenty of restaurants, the West Loop neighborhood is very popular. The nightlife is one of the draws with Restaurant Row found within the neighborhood, also closely neighboring another sought after and developing area, Fulton Market.

Plenty of great bars, bakeries, and breweries are found here with all kinds of options for late-night dining, specialty food and so much more.

Things To Do in West Loop

While the dining and the drinking takes center stage in West Loop, there's a bit more to it than just calories and carbs. It's home to Union Station, one of the iconic landmarks of the city with plenty of retail stores and places to dine. The Mary Bartelme Park is found here with a play area for children and plenty more. It even has a sunken dog park with all kinds of unique features.

In addition, West Loop is home to the Chicago French Market, Brooklyn Boulders, SoHo House, Au cheval, and J.P. Graziano and the Randolph Street Market Festival. It has become a wildly accepted hangout for locals to enjoy with plenty to offer.

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Real Estate

West Loop Lofts

Plenty of amazing lofts are found all throughout the West Loop. Since many were converted from older industrial buildings, exposed brick and other industrial features are common. These lofts are not that similar to those found in other areas of Downtown Chicago with classic timber lofts, contemporary concrete lofts and many other unique types of lofts found throughout.

Those looking for an urban home will enjoy living within the West Loop neighborhood. It's not hard to find a unique loft here and feel inspired in the home you live in due to the amazing design.

West Loop Timber Lofts

The timber lofts are some of the most popular as they provide unique features, such as exposed brick and timber throughout. These lofts feature massive timber beams, high ceilings, large old windows and so much more. They have older wood floors, however, so the sound proofing isn't always great.


West Loop Concrete Lofts

The concrete lofts are also very popular throughout the West Loop neighborhood. These lofts features concrete throughout with higher ceilings, larger windows and better sound proofing. These lofts come from buildings with floors designed for larger machinery. Good examples of concrete lofts can be seen at the Haberdasher Square lofts and Singer Lofts.


West Loop Condos

Along with the many converted lofts, there are plenty of great condos throughout West Loop, as well. Many new mid-rise buildings have become a part of the landscape and offer a more modern option for those looking to enjoy living in West Loop. Most have been built since 2000 and offer plenty of amenities with sizes ranging from about 600 square feet up to 4,000 square feet.

In addition to the unique lofts and condos found in West Loop, there's a residence type called the soft loft. This is a cross between a loft and a condo with 10 to 11 foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and bedroom walls not going all the way to the ceiling.


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